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Internship Program or Summer Training for Kerala Technological University (KTU) students


KTU Students Summer Training/ Industrial Training Programs



From the month of May to August, APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University students have to utilize their vacation for summer training or internship. This is because the students will get two months gap in academics.

So all affiliated institutions encourage their students to do internships for better interactions with industries. This will make a great bearing on the education by resulting getting the working knowledge’s and exposure to industrial atmosphere and also the students have to get more knowledge about the career and subsequent in industries.


The competitions among industries are becoming more rigid, to solve the working problems in industries they will be looking out to get engineering students from institutions. And also the students have also needed to prepare their curriculum to look forward to getting jobs in multinational companies. By the working knowledge or Internship knowledge, the students can achieve well by bridging the gap between the academics and industry.

Firstly, all colleges are arranging a platform for students for engagement with companies or industries for the summer or internship programs. This will be more interactive and not limited to internships and discussions or training. The students have to develop their thinking level and practicing with the ideas to create more advanced systems in industries too. The students consolidate and modest summits are not limited to the summer program or the internships.


Secondly, the benefits are the connections, mentoring, and enthusiastic approaches with the companies. Technical knowledge and the mutual interactions with students and industry in all aspects which will encourage the possible ways of deriving mutual benefits with industry and colleges. Other interactive assistances are career opportunity through campus placements.

Internship programs for the students are by training in industries during the semester breaks which will be in work site, small industry or undergo training. In internship program, there is another opportunity by getting training from a Gest Lectures invites from a corporate. This lecture will cover varied topics in all industrial and business developments. Live Projects are also a beneficial implementation for the students to work with the industry, this will help them to get ideas to implement in the industrial working progress or has to develop more strategies in productions.

In conclusion, the internship program benefits the students to get work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification with a limited period of time.



Here KTU will carry out all students should perform the industry training or internship, this will monitor and encourage its faculty, technicians, and students. All the interactions with the industry will possibly with the benefits of companies and colleges. KTU will appreciate this internship program for all students who are willing to build their career with industries in technical and technological aspect. This internship program is not limited to students who passed in all subjects, this only with the interest of students to build their career.