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How to choose the Best Cisco Training Institute in India


How to choose the Best Cisco Training Institute in India

Before getting directly into the key factors in choosing the best Cisco training institute, it is all the most important to know why Cisco training is required. Let us go into that in detail for now and then will see the key factors one by one.

The Torchbearer of Global Cyber Security

In a world of rapidly advancing technologies, it has become a common tendency to ignore the threats that can befall any moment. Cyber threats have become inevitable in today’s world as Internet has become the order of the day. It has created a digital economy giving a major thrust to small and medium businesses and providing them with a chance to work with more efficiency, agility and ease. From laundry to booking a dinner table to business prospects, Internet has penetrated through every aspect of human lifestyle. Cyber threats are as real as the outcome of the efficiency of the Internet.

Tracing the escalation of CISCO

CISCO is a global front runner in the world of Cyber Security which started way back in 1986. It commenced its operations in India in 1995. Spanning over a couple of decades, CISCO has grown to be the most trusted cyber security brand in India and abroad. CISCO, with its much appreciated credibility, has flooded the Indian Tech market. Any graduate becomes a potential candidate to be hired when his resume is equipped with a CISCO course certificate. Owning a CISCO certificate is like a cherry on the cake, adding so much value to the resume and the candidate. CISCO courses load a person with a great deal of knowledge and make a graduate more marketable. The employability of a graduate has been on a constant decrease over the last decade, which CISCO has worked miracles on and made a paradigm shift in this dreadful phenomenon. Owning CISCO certificates makes a person extra skilled and this multi-dimensional talents increase the market value of the person.

How to choose the best CISCO training institute in India

With humongous success to its credit, CISCO has many authorised training institutes in India spread across India. But how does one select the right CISCO training institute and what are the parameters for a training institute to qualify to be acclaimed as a ‘good’ CISCO training institute?

Well, there is a criterion to decide if the training institute is worth joining. Apart from the standard criterion, there are quite a few things that go a long way in finding the best institute for a person. The institute has to be a registered training establishment with the appropriate authorisation from CISCO, which makes it a real deal. Only authorised training institutes provide the best coaching to students while the rest have very low standards and hold no value. The institute has to be student friendly, in terms of trainer-student interaction, students’ accessibility to laboratories and flexibility of lab timing. The 6 crucial factors in the criterion are Infrastructure, Laboratory facilities, Course material, Qualification of trainers, future support, and availability of new age equipment based on the course.

Described below are the 6 key factors that define a good training institute.

6 Key factors that will help you to choose the best CISCO training institute in India


         In this time and age, the most basic facility a training institute should provide is spacious and well planned infrastructure. Training institutes should be tailor made for the courses they provide. The institutes should be properly designed and laid out to accommodate classes, laboratories and mini conference halls for students to work out in their free time. The allocation of the institute into these many parts can be done right only when there is enough space and proper planning of the infrastructure. Theoretical lectures should be done in class rooms while the practical sessions should be done in State of the Art laboratory. A training institute should be chosen such that all the dimensions of learning are perfectly covered, leaving no stone unturned in the process of becoming a cyber security expert. Becoming an expert in CISCO, the leading cyber security company demands only the best learning methodologies both from the students and institutes. The presence and accessibility of a conference hall is mandatory as the students should be allowed to work anytime they want to, other than the specified training hours and for group discussion.

Course Preparation Material

         Every training institute provides a course material, irrespective of the course. The study material provides an adjacent platform for theoretical understanding of the student which he can later on; work it out on the system. A standard and detail course material is mandatory for a course like CISCO. In fact, theoretical knowledge acts as the fundamental base or pedestal on which one can build a practical knowledge on. If practical skill is the building, theoretical understanding of the concepts is the foundation of the building. The foundation has to be solid and strong with a lot of clarity, the absence of which can spoil the chances of existence of the entire structure. The training institute has to provide the students with understanding of theory concepts first, loaded with proper study material of authentic authors and publishers. The course material plays a vital role in inducing the concepts and programs into the student’s mind as it is very beneficial for a person to revise and clarify his doubts anytime he wants, as long as the course material is of credible standards. The training institute has to make sure that the study material is easily comprehensive with flowcharts, diagrams and pictorial representation of concepts for better understanding and efficient learning.

Laboratory Facilities

         Skill is like a fruit best savoured when tasted, and merely looking at it won’t do any justice to it. One can develop or equip themselves with skills only when they actually involve themselves in the process of learning and practical exercise. Knowledge cannot be acquired by studying the course material provided by the institute.  Rather, it is accumulated when one gets to learn through ‘Hands-On’ training. This method of learning is proven best for technical learning wherein the student executes every other concept he has learnt, on the system. In order to make sure hands on training is made mandatory in the process of learning, one has to select a training institute such that the laboratory facilitates nothing but the best of technology, be it hardware or software. The laboratory should be designed as a ‘State of the Art’ studio which can accommodate all phases of learning, for the student to apply his skills and better himself from time to time.

The need for a state of the art laboratory is very important for institutes providing high end program courses, especially when it comes to CISCO. A perfect blend of both theoretical and practical knowledge is necessary for a course like CISCO which involves a varied range of complicated concepts and coding. Laboratory plays a quintessential role in the vast process of learning CISCO by providing the student a platform where he can put in whatever knowledge he has acquired, into practical testing. CISCO, being a cyber security company, demands the presence of a hi-tech laboratory, thus making it top criteria while choosing a CISCO training institute.

Qualification of Trainers

         As the famous saying goes, “As is the Master, so is the Disciple”, it is important to note how well skilled and qualified the trainers are. A student rides like a horse with blinkers believing the trainer would lead him in the right path. Trainers should not only show aspirants the right path to success, but should also be able to remove the blinkers and teach students to explore beyond what already exists. An advanced course like CISCO needs the assistance of a trainer who has the expertise on the subject. Both theoretical and practical knowledge of CISCO demands the presence of a skilled trainer with qualifications of high standards. A beginner cannot walk through the course without proper guidance and help. Trainers play a crucial role in this entire process, from the beginning till the end, with their experience and wisdom.

Availability of New Age equipment

         The world is moving at a rate never witnessed before, in terms of cultural transition, infrastructure, and global integrity and most important of all, technology. What a person learnt a decade before is not applicable in today’s advancing market. It has become equally important for training institutes to provide the students with the latest of technology available in the market, so as to keep up with the rapidly progressing technology. The institutes should be keen on providing state of the art new age equipment and systems to the students to show them the true world and train them in such a way that they can really make a change in this world.

Future Support

The future for CISCO looks solid and uncompromising, given that the majority of the companies around the world choose CISCO as their Cyber Security Champion for its drastic growth in the market, single handed dominance over the last two decades and the glorious success story behind the company.

To know more about Cisco’s latest financials you can visit here. As the figures narrate, the brand value of CISCO has been on a gradual rise and has been the forerunner ever since. Training institutes providing CISCO courses has to provide support to the certified CISCO practitioners with software and occasional usage of laboratory to update themselves. Lending support to passed out cyber security experts will also act as a platform of exposure to them for further betterment.

And there it is folks! Make sure you follow these criteria while hunting for the best cisco training institute in India and it will be a walk in the park.