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A quick guide to learn PHP Course in Kerala


A quick guide to learn PHP Course in Kerala

This quick guide on PHP Course will take you through the introduction to the PHP, why PHP is important, what should a student expect out of a PHP Course, Where should you study PHP and more. Let us now look into it one by one.

Introducing you to the world of PHP

PHP, short for Hypertext Pre-processor is, in many ways, the most famous scripting language in the world of web development. PHP language is used to enhance the web pages and the experience of the users as well.

PHP is a web designing language with which you can create username and password login page, create forums and fetch details from a online form. Apart from this, it also allows you to upload, view or download pictures or albums, music, videos and take up various kinds of surveys and many more stuff that is available on the internet. To know about the Top Courses to study in India you can read this article.

Why is PHP a big deal to be discussed?

PHP is a web development language which is functions totally on the server-side. The uniqueness of PHP language is that the users are left with no clue with the kind of magic that PHP does, yet they are only to believe because the results of the process are put before them. The process and functions of PHP language is done on the server side and you will not have any idea as to what is happening behind the screen.

Usually, the PHP codes get executed on the system you requested the web page from, and not on your screen. When you click on a link or a button, or a tab in a web page, it leads you to another web page. What you don’t realise is that, when you click on a link, you request the web server for a particular page.

This request goes to the web server, and the web server responds with the pages you requested, thus displaying the results on your computer screen. This entire process is invisible to the user since it is the PHP language that is executing the entire process.

What distinguishes PHP language from other client based scripting languages like Java Script is that the process is initiated and executed on the server system and a HTML is sent to the user which is later translated into the form he wants it in and is displayed on his computer.

Another individualistic characteristic of PHP language is that it is extremely empirical and very user-friendly for a beginner and also provides or caters to a professional by offering many advanced features and options. A good scripting language is one which accommodates programmers of various capacities.

PHP Course in Kerala

         Since we have seen how PHP works and why it is important in today’s networking world, let us further our research into how to study and learn PHP course in Kerala. PHP course, as discussed above has proved to us how efficient and instrumental it is when suing internet for a varied range of reasons.

It has therefore come to our conclusion that the future prospects of PHP course are very bright and sustaining. It is in today’s world, highly essential to select a course out of which you make a career which is not only individually empowering and enlightening but also can build a strong career for you.

PHP course in Kerala is offered by various other training institutes. Training institutes have become one of the most successful franchise businesses in India, especially in Kerala. This phenomenon has led to the establishment of training institutes of in every alternate street.

The students are catered a wide range of courses to study, and so is PHP. It is of no use to learn PHP course in Kerala in a training institute which has no reputation, no proper curriculum and course planning and no trained/qualified trainers.

It is as essential to find the right training institute as finding the right course. It is common tendency for people to get influenced by the online advertisements of training institutes making fake promises about career prospects and facilities available at the institute.

We have taken up upon ourselves to list out the factors that make a training institute worthy to be selected to start your career with. Learning PHP course in Kerala is easier and meaningful when these factors on our checklist are satisfied.


The most fundamental need for a computer coaching institute is sufficient space for the students to be accommodated for various other needs. Limited space means limited facilities and limited facilities means limited opportunities.

More often than not, training institutes offering PHP course in Kerala do not have enough space to cater to the needs of establishment of a sophisticated laboratory, class rooms and a project room with lively atmosphere. To begin with, laboratories are the foundation of a training institute and it is essential that the systems and technology that the training institute employs is high end and futuristic.

The laboratories should be air conditioned so that both the systems and the students can work and operate smoothly without any inconvenience. Another important feature of a training institute offering PHP course in Kerala should be class rooms, which in most cases is being overlooked.

Training institutes do not agree to the importance of theoretical understanding of the concepts when it comes to a course like PHP. Class rooms act as places for lectures, seminars from both students and trainers and group discussion.

“Knowledge is doubled when taught, multiplied when discussed.”

Group discussion on a regular basis will expand the boundaries of thought process of the students as they are being involved in a highly intellectual discussion with the trainers. The training institutes should also take up the initiative of inviting experts from the field with a vast experience for group discussions.

And finally, project rooms are very important for PHP course in Kerala as it demands nothing but the best. These project rooms act as a platform for the students to work on projects, initiated and guided by the trainers.

Being made to work on projects, the students get to understand how different it is to learn and to actually apply what they learnt. The training institutes should tie up with companies and get small scale projects approved to be worked upon by the budding professionals.

Project rooms should be equipped with necessary computer systems, server of required specifications, a conference table to discuss progress and challenges. This kind of lively environment will help students to gain an experience of how it is going to be out there in the real world.

Curriculum/Course Planning

What you study is as important as how you study it. An important and futuristic course like PHP calls for a proper planning of the syllabus criteria and the corresponding study material. Choosing the right training institute offering PHP course in Kerala is undone until the curriculum is worth the shot.

PHP course in Kerala is a vast subject and it is very important for the training institute as to how they are planning to cover the syllabus and how they are going to approach the study grounds. Coaching has to be planned weekly, as per the progress of the trainers and the capabilities of the students. The study material prescribed/issued by the training institutes has to be of a reputed publication and a learned author.

The trainers have to, make sure the subject is approached in a planned and sensitive way so that the students are not lost in the process and are able to follow up and understand the concepts. The course has to be split into segments, with each segment covering a certain set of pre determined amount of concepts and is followed up by a series of assessments to test where the student stands.

How trained are the Trainers?

“As you sow, so you reap.”

What you are is what you teach. It is in all ways necessary to hire qualified professionals as trainers for the training institutes. They do not only teach you, but also influence you. If you are being influenced, you might as well make it worth the experience. Trainers have to skilled, qualified in the same field and should have a passion for both the subject and teaching.

They should make sure they walk the journey with the students. Many of the trainers run leaving you back when you are walking, which pretty much will reduce the chances of you making it big in the field. The trainers should open the window of exploration and unexposed opportunities for you to discover and also teach you not to stick to the already explored world of knowledge but to seek new grounds for you to experiment, research and excel.

And we are here, ladies and gentlemen! We have explained to you what and why PHP course in Kerala is an opportunity not to be missed. Also explained are the criteria to follow while choosing the best training institute offering PHP course in Kerala. To know more about various courses in the IT field you can visit here