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Networkz Systems PHP Course

In this course, we cover entire programming needed for a Web application developer such as introduction, control statements, functions, arrays, strings, file handling, form handling, date and time, session and cookies, php with css, jquery and mysql, database connection.

PHP Course Curriculum

  • HTML
    • Introduction to html
    • Steps to build a html document
    • HTML Tags
  • CSS
    • An introduction to Cascading style sheet
    • Types of Cascading style sheet
    • Cascading style sheet ID and Class
    • History of java script
    • Java scripts statements
    • Java scripts blocks
    • Java scripts comments
    • Operators
    • Conditional and Looping statements
    • Functions
    • Java script Events
  • Introduction to PHP
    • Characteristics of PHP
    • Types and Variables
    • Control statements
  • Functions & Arrays
    • Function definition and invocation
    • Building function libraries
    • Adding and removing elements
    • Creating arrays
    • Associative and Multidimensional arrays
  • JQuery
    • JQuery Events
  • Forms
    • Keyboard oriented form entities
    • Mouse oriented entities
  • Familiarize Database(Mysql)
    • DDL
    • DML
  • Database connection
    • Connection string
    • Connect database with PHP
    • Insert, update and delete data’s in database from front end
  • File
    • Verifying a file’s existence and size
    • File modes
    • Working with file system
    • Working with Directories


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Benefits of studying PHP Course at Networkz Systems

  • Class room live training
  • Life time lab support
  • Projects at the end of the training
  • Online certificate verification

PHP Course duration

  • 40 hrs

FAQs on PHP Course

What is a PHP Course

  • PHP(recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely used open source general purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

What is the eligibility criteria to do a PHP Course

  • Basic understanding of computer functions (email, web browser, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of C/C++

What are the different levels of PHP Course Certification

  • Zend Certification

What are the career prospects in PHP

  • As most of the websites in the world are based on php programming language, it means more number of php developers would be required to functionalize the website and make it even better than before.
  • Through the course, you can get to learn all about html coding, other scripting and back end connection.
  • PHP programming language is that it is open source and as a matter of fact it enables a web developer to manipulate its functionality whenever needed. It also provides free licensing, one can download and install php tools for free

Why should I join Networkz Systems to study PHP Course

  • Class room live training
  • Life time lab support
  • Projects at the end of the training
  • Online certificate verification
  • All our courses are designed and developed by cpd
  • Industry specific course materials
  • Smart Class
  • Certified Trainers

Our training locations

We are conveniently located in several areas around Ernakulam, Kollam, Nagercoil, Neyyattinkara, Thiruvalla and Trivandrum. Are you looking for PHP training in any of the above locations? If yes, please get in touch with us for a great career.