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How to choose the Best Ethical Hacking Course in India


How to choose the Best Ethical Hacking Course in India

Before getting deep into understanding on how to choose the Best Ethical Hacking Course in India, it is important to know what ethical hacking course is all about. Let us first understand the basics of ethical hacking and then see how to choose the best.

Basics of Ethical Hacking

           Unwarranted interference into anybody’s personal or professional life is something that nobody appreciates or encourages. Back in the day when face to face conversation was the only way to send a message or receive one, or papers were the lifeline of an office or a workplace, people poking their noses into others businesses were strictly condemned. As the world progressed, computers were, willingly or unwillingly found to be in every aspect of human life, from private messages to a beloved one to an official mail to an authority.

Along with the computers came the inevitable part of modern man’s life, the Internet. Internet began to attend to man’s every need, from dawn to dusk, from leisure to luxury. Unfortunately, not long before it started garnering praises and accolades, did to also bring forth the challenges and difficulties that Internet could possess. That is when people realised that every coin has two sides.

Internet was very handy and efficient to people as it would make any world of theirs easy. It also brought together people of different regions, languages social classes and cultures into online communities where they would create a virtual pluralistic society and get to know the world better. As it was earlier discussed, invasion of an individual’s or a group’s privacy is an unending issue even with the progress of time. With computers replacing most of our daily activities, the problems still remained the same. The act of invading somebody’s virtual privacy was therefore came to be known as Hacking.

White hat hacking vs Black hat hacking

Hacking is too vast a concept to be judged too soon. It has got two diverse dimensions with different objectives altogether. Hacking, on its most fundamental ideologies, can be classified into Ethical and Unethical hacking, or White hat hacking and Black hat hacking respectively. Black hat hacking is nothing but invading a person’s virtual privacy, accessing his data and using it without proper authorisation. This kind of hacking is termed unethical and illegal as it strips off an individual or a group from personal secrets and official privacy.

On the other hand is, Ethical hacking which is the counter offense to those who seek unethical hacking for personal gains or for any reason whatsoever. This is the only existing way of stopping those miscreants who intend to cause chaos in a world that is calm, happy and surreal. This entire concept of Ethical hacking began to counter illegal hackers because only a thief would know how to tackle another. It has therefore become one only level of defence to those innocent. As the entire concept of Ethical hacking and its objectives sound, it is pretty deep and difficult to master it but is a course worth going the distance. It is indeed a crucial task to find a training institute that does justice to such an important and critical course. We put forth 6 hacks for you to choose nothing but the best training institute for Ethical Hacking in India.

6 hacks to choose the best ethical hacking course in India

Approach of Training Institutes

Hacking as described in layman’s terms is not just a course you could learn but a responsibility of defending yourself and fellow Netizens from harm. This Ethical hacking course should not be treated as every other course in the market. The importance and the depth of the subject have to be kept in mind before educating people about it. Training institutes should understand that Ethical hacking is a state of mental responsibility and its approach towards the course should be framed or sketched properly. “What you understand is what you conceive”, is what learning Ethical hacking is all about.

More than the wholesome process of learning, the student’s perspective should be influenced and the thought process should be put in the right track. In order to do that, the understanding and approach of the training institute should be legit and in the right direction. The objectives and the future prospects of the Ethical hacking course proposed by the training institute has to be thoroughly inspected to make sure that the course is not being offered to make money by issuing a certificate but to induce knowledge and a sense of responsibility in the student.

*In India, the number of Indian websites that have been hacked has raised from 21,699 in 2011 to 32,323 in 2014. It is evident that the number of cases have been on the rise constantly. As discussed above, this is not just another course, but a sense of responsibility towards safety of fellow humans and the country altogether. It is necessary for the training institute to understand the importance of producing worthy ethical hackers not as a profession but as warriors who have to fight for the safety of our future.

*Data obtained from

Course Material

There is no friend as loyal as a book.” ―Ernest Hemingway

If knowledge is what will make you win, books are the weapons that empower it. It is the books or the course material that makes the process of learning easier and meaningful. Study material has to be provided with high standards and explicitly valuable content, for it is the only material support that the student has access to, apart from the support from his trainers. Course material doesn’t have to be volumes and volumes of notes and programs; it is just the quality of material that matters.

Training institutes have to ensure that the course material is qualitative enough so that it can suffice the student’s needs and doubts when he is independently working on the subject. The author and publication of the course material have to be well versed in the subject so as make the content of the course material worth reading. The study material has to be written from a technical point of view by somebody of the same background as the subject in order to retain the core essence of the subject while trying to explain it to beginners.

Professional hackers as Trainers

Hacking is not a regular course so that anybody could become a trainer, especially given that the negative dimension of this course is vast and the student has to be taught the good and the bad distinctively. People, who have learnt hacking theoretically and practically, cannot become good trainers like how it happens with other courses. With respect to Ethical hacking, only an active professional hacker can become a trainer because this course demands vast knowledge of the subject, out of the box thinking and expertise in the field.

The advantages of a professional hacker being the trainer is that he knows the world of hacking better than anyone else and is updated with new tools, technology or threats. Training is not merely about teaching students a particular subject, giving notes and assessing them; it is about helping students explore beyond time and guiding the students towards the goal, in this case, becoming a professional ethical hacker. The trainers have to be experts in hacking and certified by authorised governing bodies as White Hat hacker in order to allow him to practice his trade and teach others.

Infrastructure (Laboratory requirements)

           Training institutes need to have a spacious establishment with proper designing of separate class rooms, laboratories for practical sessions and petite halls for seminars and hackers’ forum. Ethical hacking is a vast area of play, making it equally important for both theoretical and practical knowledge. Lectures and seminars should be made mandatory for few fixed hours in order to provide clarity to students the objectives of ‘Ethical Hacking’, so that they don’t inadvertently lead themselves into zones they are supposed to avoid. Hacking is a course directly or indirectly linked to law and improper practice of which can lead a person to legal consequences.

The boundaries of ethical hacking are very crucial for an Ethical hacker and it has to be taught to him through presentations and seminars. The most important part of a training institute is the laboratory facilities which give a major thrust to the person in his pursuit of becoming a professional ethical hacker. The laboratory should be equipped with State of the Art systems for the students to practice on new age equipment and keep up with time and technology. Laboratory should be user friendly so as to give the students an opportunity to do penetration testing as a regular practice. In order to promote ‘Hands On’ training, the students should be given extra laboratory sessions for practice and to explore new grounds. Seminar halls have to be out to regular use by gathering hacking experts as well as beginners together for group discussions and ‘Q & A’ sessions.

Assessment methodology

The process of learning is never complete until the student is tested on the subject. As far as hacking is concerned, theoretical assessment will not prove anything but practical assessment will go on to prove how well the student has mastered the subject. Tests and assessments should be a part and parcel of the course as it is inevitable for a practitioner to test himself as to where he stands and how well he can progress.

The assessment will be an eye opener to the student himself and should be monitored by a professional for expert advice and guidance. As part of the assessment, students should be made to hack few of the toughest systems designed by hacking experts and also defend the attempts made by them.

Future Prospects

           “The future is secure.” This can be the simplest way to throw light on the future prospects of Ethical hacking. As years pass by, the usage of computers and internet across different paths of life are multiplying manifold. In this crucial phase of rapid transition, the demand for ethical hacking is growing drastically to secure the every electronic device there is.

With increase in usage of computers and other electronic devices, the chances of unethical hacking will also increase, therefore creating a huge need for ethical hackers to counter evil and restore peace. There is humongous scope for ethical hackers as their field of expertise can be applied to many other fields which are prone to unwarranted intrusion.

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