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Top 10 Profitable Business Opportunities in India


Top 10 profitable business opportunities in India

India is a land of opportunities and skill. It has always been an ardent promoter of new business initiatives and entrepreneurship. This country of 1.3 billion people serves justice to any well thought business, with a massive consumer base and an energetic work force. We have taken the job of listing out few of the most profitable business opportunities in India, which might be of great guidance and use to you.

1. Skill and Personality Development

Human resource is the most significant out of all the resources available and is considered the most valuable one which is very true. This is so because humans act as adhesive that holds together all other resources, natural or man-made and put them to good use.  Human resource development is the need of the hour, be it private corporate or the Government, as that is where the true potential lies. The starting point of all creation and development in the world is from the human himself and to mould him and to train him, personality development is the key.

Human resource management is a field that was so underrated and needed a push, which right now is doing really well. Employers, private and government, have started to train people and mould them.  And to do the needful, there are no enough Personality Development centres and sufficient trainers.

Brain wonders and Krishna consultants are successful forerunners in this business making it to being one of the best business franchises in India. This would be a tailor made time to venture into this industry as the work force of this generation is huge and there is ample scope. This surely is one of the best profitable business opportunities in India.

2. Training Institute

Every dog has its day and every business has its era. It is not so surprising to see in the last couple of decades, the bloom of IT sector. This period of flourishing is not just confined to IT corporate and software companies but also relates to the increase in usage of technology and electronic gadgets. And to survive in a market of such advancements, it is mandatory for you to equip yourself with as much technical knowledge as possible.

This is where the training institutes come into play. They take in students with zero knowledge of any given concept and make them computer wizards whose marketability is very high. These training institutes cater to the market’s needs and offer a varied range of courses, from software to languages, and from web development to marketing.

Networkzsystems, a computer training institute, based in Kerala, is a world leader in IT coaching and training with top of the ladder equipment and world class trainers. It has been one of the best business franchises in India, training endless waves of students, a varied range of languages and other IT courses; trainers, equipment and technology. The way future looks, with huge scope for IT sector, IT training institutes are one of the sure shot profitable business opportunities in India. You can read more about the top 10 best educational franchise in India here.

3. Competitive Exams training hub

India is known for its education standards and institutions. Elite educational establishments such as IITs and other private institutions have a stringent entrance exam which is not so easy to crack. IITs and other competitive exams have become the fashion of the day. The standard of education has increased and the bar has been raised higher. This calls for a more intense primary education, supported by supplementary courses to boost an individual beyond these exams.

Global Quest and Apex Institute are examples of profitable business opportunities in India under this industry. There are a vast number of exams under this umbrella, which established with appropriate qualified trainers and curriculum of high standards, this industry can go heights. Education industry is always one of the profitable business opportunities in India.

4. Robotics

The future is more automated and less human involved, with robots taking over many sectors of both private and professional fields. It is no longer a man’s headache to deal with extraordinary and difficult chores. It is into the world of Artificial Intelligence the future of human civilisation is banking on. Robotics is inevitable in the future and artificial intelligence is what forms the bedrock of it.

Robotics courses and workshops for people of this generation, especially the school kids are on a drastic rise in the country, as children find it fascinating and intrigued like never before. Career prospects of robotics are endless and awareness of the same is being raised so as to encourage the NexGen to take up robotics and artificial intelligence as a career, or a hobby at least. IndustryUs and Briga Education LLP have been outshining others in this industry, thus preparing the future and placing it in safe hands. Robotics is the future and that is all that matters. This certainly is one of the most profitable business opportunities in India.

5. Day Care Centres

Women are not any longer held back by the household duties or their responsibilities as mothers, as they leave their children in afore mentioned day care centres. These are establishments which offer home-like hospitality to children who are not old enough even to go to kindergarten, while their mothers can go to work.

With numerous amounts of women taking up work, the number of admission for these set-ups has been overwhelming. Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Day care is a company that has developed well and spread across India. This one is a very meaningful and futuristic profitable business opportunities in India.

 6.Fitness and Training centres

The youngsters of this generation are attracted to fitness and physical fitness like never before. This situation has grown over the years due to drastic change in the food culture of the country and the alarming levels of low fitness activities among people of all age groups.

Many corporate and offices have begun to install a fitness gymnasium in the work place to accommodate and facilitate their employers with the advanced equipments to promote fitness and create awareness about physical health. Fitness industry is the industry of this era and is surely one of the profitable business opportunities in India.

7. Food and beverages delivery company

People have become accustomed to the practice of treating their taste buds with new food from diverse cuisines from around the world. Food and beverages industry has been expanding in a rapid speed beyond boundaries, thus serving New York’s trademark Pizza in India and authentic Indian food in any nook and corner of the world.

An added advantage to this industry is the availability of employees with ease. Unemployment is indeed a problem all over India and this adds sufficient momentum to the already speeding industry by providing a work force that is exactly needed for this type of work.

With increased working hours and stressful work culture, people have started preferring to order food online rather than come home and cook after a long day of work. Now would be the best time to venture into the food and beverages industry and make your presence felt. Food industry is one of the most profitable business opportunities in India.

8. Tourism and hospitality company

Tourism is a blooming industry and has grown well in the last few years. It is expected to grow like never before as people have started breaking the four walls of their house and want to explore beyond their land. The rise in tourism sector can be credited to the increase in the country’s economy which has resulted in the increase in an average citizen’s salary, thus allowing him to think beyond his needs.

It is the curiousness of people to visit various countries and know about their lifestyles and cultures. Also, travel allows them to break free from their hectic routine and relieve themselves. People of all age groups have realised the enlightenment that they get through travel and they have made road trips the latest trend that is going a long way. This is definitely one of the most profitable business opportunities in India.

9. Automobile Customization & Sales Company

Youngsters of today are attracted to bikes and cars like they are to no other. It fascinated them to a level that they want to make it a part of their lives. Apart from youngsters, people of all age groups also rely very much on automobiles for daily commute and luxurious travel.

3M is a leading automobile company which customises parts and appearance of any automobile according to the consumer’s demands. This is one of the most profitable business opportunities in India.

10. Online cab services

The demand of cabs is on an all time high and it knows no bounds. The higher the cabs are, the more the demand is. People nowadays prefer to take a cab to office or a meeting, instead of having a rough time in the bus. It also adds a certain amount of reputation to the individual which makes it an even more interesting affair.

In a developing country like India, not everybody can afford a car, but they sure can afford a ride. They are now enabled with technology, which can get them a ride in a jiff, be it personal or official purposes. Online cab services are making a fortune in India, making it to one of the highly profitable business opportunities in India. You can read more on the list of best business franchise opportunities in India here.