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Today there are so many opportunities in India to start a franchise that the question that comes to mind is which franchise to start. Of course, there are a few factors to be kept in mind to choose a franchise. Apart from that this article in which I am going to give you a list of top 10 franchises to own in India would help you to choose a franchise. In this list I have tried to give a list of various categories of business industries while stating the top 10. Below is the list of the top 10 franchises that you could own in India.

SUBWAY SYSTEMS INDIA (P) LTD This is the world’s largest Sandwich and Salad chain and the 2nd largest Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chain in the world. The reason I have chosen this is because today we find people becoming very health conscious and the food provided here is very healthy, fresh and tasty. There is no need for frying, grilling or cooking. There are more than 500 restaurants in about 70 different cities in India alone.

BASKIN ROBBINS (GRAVISS FOODS PVT. LTD.) This was started in 1993 in Mumbai. Due to its quality and taste it spread so fast to various parts of India that today there are more than 680 outlets in about 145 cities in India. Apart from this they are even situated in prime locations like the star hotels, airports, malls across India.

NETWORKZSYSTEMS Networkzsystems is an IT training company initially started as a network technology training company. Later on they expanded their training into software courses for engineering students and digital marketing for arts and science students. It is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company. They are spread across various locations in South India. This is one of the leading computer centres providing computer education in India. The best part about this company is they do not charge any Franchise Fee. Moreover their growth has been phenomenal in the last couple of years. If you are really looking to make money consistently, then you can choose them.

KIDZEEThis is one of India’s most favourite Preschools. It is even Asia’s largest chain of preschools and a part of Zee learn Ltd too. Their curriculum is very child friendly and the environment is very child friendly. They follow the iLLUME learning methodology to teach the children. There are more than 1350 centres in more than 500 cities. They even won the “Franchisor of the Year” award in 2014 at the Franchise India awards 20014 in Delhi.

Cricket FeVRToday Visual Reality is catching the attention of various fields (like the gaming, movies, providing trainings in various fields, defence etc) and this would play a very important role in the future. Cricket FeVR is one of the leading Virtual Reality gaming developing companies. Their Parent company Kaleidozone are also into VR related game development. What makes Cricket FeVR franchising interesting is its concept. The investment for this franchise is within Rs.10 Lakhs only. It is a cash and carry model where it requires only 150 square feet of space in a Mall,IT park etc to start it. The Virtual Gaming business is attracting so many children and youth that this business is going to be very profitable.

LIBERTY SHOES LTD This is one of India’s fast-growing brands in India as far as the foot ware industry is concerned. They have extended not only India alone but also into about 25 countries too. They have more than 400 franchise outlets in India. They have been awarded for the “Excellence in operating Efficiency” by Economic times at ET Retail Awards 2013 and conferred “Franchise of the Year” award by franchise India for 3 consecutive years.

ROYAL ENFIELD Royal Enfield bikes is one of most famous bikes in India. This is not only famous in India but in about 50 countries like the USA, France, UK, Japan etc. they are as old as 120 years. What I have been noticing off late is the great demand of Royal Enfield in India. There has been a sudden demand for this bike in India. There is not only a demand for this bike but for franchise too. The reason for this bike to be famous is also due to the solidity of the bike that it can last very long in the rough roads too.

SHEHNAZ HERBAL SALONIn the cities we find that a large number of women who are going to the salon. Not only that we find men folk too going. So the number is increasing. So to invest in this business of salon franchise would be profitable. One of the very famous franchises in this field is the Shehnaz herbal Salon. This was established in the year 1970. They started franchising in the year 1975. The popularity of this not only spread in India but abroad too. They received many accolade and the chairperson Shehnaz Husain won India’s highest honour, the Padma Shree, in the field of industry and trade.

PRESTIGE LTDPrestige is India’s largest Kitchen Company. They have a wide range of products with more than 540 stores spread across more than 275 towns in India. There is a need of about 10 lakhs to 25 lakhs investment and about 24-36 % returns. Handling this business is also very easy.

ARCHIES LIMITED This is the gift shop and card gallery. Whenever we talk about purchase of cards on any occasion the name that comes to our mind is the Archies gallery cards. Their cards are very famous. They not only have cards but various good quality gift items which are very attractive. They started in the year 1979. There is a need of about 20 lakhs to 30 lakhs investment in this business.

According to me these are the top 10 franchises that you could own in India looking at the present scenario and having the future too in mind. I hope this would help you to decide which franchise to own.