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Top 10 best Education Franchise in India


Top 10 best Education Franchise in India

This list of top 10 best education franchise in India is created after a thorough research in the education industry. This article will cover the most successful educational business in the Franchising model.

Business is probably or most definitely one occupation that can make you a big shot over a night or in a fortnight. As is the scope for development and as is the capacity for monetary benefits. If you are a person does not believe in the monthly routine of a common man or wants to earn more than what an average man earns, business is the destination you have been looking for.

To become a businessman in life is to become a leader. It is not only about investing a certain amount of capital, employing your strategy and enjoying the perks of the profession, be it financial or personal satisfaction. Being a businessman or an entrepreneur makes second to none and you will have the mantle in your hand, leading others in a direction you seem fit and right for the enterprise.

They are many people living lives of regular common men, who do not want to work somebody else, being subjected to accountability, command and at times, exploitation. Those are the exactly same people who should go on and explore business opportunities into which they can venture into, because being the boss at your own creation is a satisfaction no other nature of job can give.

Is Success an obvious result of Business?

         To begin with, NO. Like the Newton’s third law goes, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, so does every profession. Similar to other professions, even business comes with its own share of challenges.

Challenges in business can be in any form, like financial, operational, marketing among various others. In order to reduce the negative factors of the industry and increase the chances of profit, the concept of Business Franchise was introduced.

This god sent way of doing business with ease by reducing the risk of losses and increasing the monetary benefits is the latest sensation to have flooded the Indian markets in the recent times.

Franchise business industries are everywhere, across cities and industries, irrespective of the nature of business. It is the food, clothing, services and education industries that are found everywhere your eye turns.

Why Education Franchise out of all?

Of all the innumerable number of franchise businesses established and declared successful, education franchises have been reported to have the most success and still growing with wonderful stability. That shows how a true progress is heading towards the betterment, as it holds good for the present and yet manages to build the future strong enough to educate and liberate many more crores of minds.

The Primary idea of this gem of an industry heading the charts is that, all other franchise businesses based on different natures of operation have seasonal success, depending upon the time of the year and the mood or trend of the people.

In this case, education is not a luxury but a necessity, which has always been in demand and continue to be so. There are various sub categories in the best education franchise in India wing, which when discussed in detail, will make you form an explicit picture of the industry and the different categories in the best education franchise in India.

Every decade has witnessed the bloom of an era in terms of business. Surprisingly, the last two decades has been ruled by the IT industry, with massive growth in usage of technology and electronic gadgets. To educate yourself and enhance your area of knowledge towards latest technology and everything related to it, there are many training institutes which can take you from nothing to everything.

For instance, Networkzsystems based in Kerala has been one of the Best education franchise in India, promoting a varied range of language and other IT courses with the best of everything; technology, equipment, trainers and curriculum. Likewise, Compufield based in Western India has been of great service to the students in the field of IT for over a period of three decades. The way the way forward looks, with full of scope because of IT sector, these IT training institutes is the best education franchise in India.

  • Online Learning

The world is a huge place and humans are doing their part to make it even bigger by taking anti social behaviour as a principle and staying indoors for longer times than before. People were worried about teenagers and youngsters not getting out of their houses and playing for a while. But now, things are growing beyond control as they have started the process of learning from their bedrooms.

In quite a surprise turn of events, this feature of learning from homes or Online Learning has become a big boost to working women, women raising young kids who cannot attend classes and college teens who can equip themselves with extra knowledge in their free time.

There are many online learning start-ups like Smarto Systems Pvt. Ltd. Which have over 100-200 outlets in Central and West India with a investment cap range of 10 thousands to 50 thousands. Online education is definitely one of the best education franchise in India.

  • Language Classes

Knowledge knows no boundaries. In a country growing rapidly in terms of technology and employment, you might get placed in any corner of the country, or even worse any part of the world. It is more than an option for you to learn different languages to sustain in different geographical locations with people of various cultures and languages.

The number of languages known, regional or foreign, mentioned in your resume can work miracles and gives a better impression than all the qualifications put together. This need for languages in today’s job market has put the language classes franchise one of the best education franchise in India.

  • Robotics and Technical Training  

The future is bright and advanced. It no longer needs human effort to do an assigned job. It is in the hands of Artificial Intelligence that the future is building on. Artificial Intelligence is what forms the base of Robotics. Robots are designed to act on their own upon reception of command without any further help or instructions.

Robotics classes around the country have been on an all time rise and the youngsters have been so interested in it like never before. Awareness about robotics is catching momentum which in turn is leading to young minds taking up robotics as their hobby and also career.

IndustryUs and Briga Education LLP has been doing wonderfully well in moulding students in robotics and preparing the future. The future is what matters and robotics is the future. This certainly makes it as one of the best education franchise in India.

  • Pre Schools

Employment among women having young children has been on the rise only because of the establishment and successful operation of Pre Schools. These are nothing but day care centres taking care of children of very young age all day, even before they hit kindergarten age.

With many more women taking up jobs, despite their job as a mother the role of Pre Schools has been very much appreciated and encouraged by increasing number of admissions. Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Day care is one such franchise that has got its wings spread across India. Compared to other franchises, this is one of the most recognised and best education franchise in India.

  • After School Activities

Children today are not satisfied or happy with the education or skill they get in the six hours at school every day. This alarming crisis calls for a rise in the need for development of more skills and talent outside school environment. These activities include academic as well as non academic activities; be it tuition, dance, music, painting or so.

It is important for children of all ages to improve their skills and enhance their area of profess. These skill centres have become very handy for parents to engage their children in, in place of other unproductive distractions.

Franchises like Science Utsav and Enjoy-A-Ball have been the forerunners in this category with an investment of investment capital of over a lakh. This category of business surely makes it to the top best education franchise in India.

  • Competitive Exams Coaching Centres

IITs and other competitive exams have become the order of the day. What is being taught in the schools is no longer enough for higher studies for career prospects. The drastic rise in the importance of competitive exams has been acknowledged and training centres have been established to meet this demand of preparing the students for such exams.

Global Quest and Apex Institute are examples of such successful stories of running coaching centres for competitive exams. There is a wide range of exams, and with the right pick of qualified trainers, this franchise is one of the best education franchise in India.

  • Skill and Personality Development

Out of all the resources available and considered important, human resource is the most valuable of it all. This is because man is the glue that puts and holds together all the other resources. Human resource development has become very crucial for companies and also for the government. It is the source of all the creation and development in the world.

Human resource development and management demands professionals’ expertise to mould you and guide you. Few skills that you need to be employable and presentable in the society are taught and inculcated by these institutes. Brain wonders and Krishna consultants are two franchises running successful business in this category making it one of the best education franchise in India.

  • Career Counselling and Brain Programming

One of the most important decisions of life is choosing the profession to spend the rest of your life in. It is not as easy as deciding other things in life. A decision of high importance needs the guidance of experts of high expertise to counsel you with the future prospects of various professions and the pros and cons of it.

Krishna Consultants and NINE International are successful career counsellors for over two decades. It is important to guide students and clear them of all the false hype they have been receiving from various sources of their daily life.

Having done so, they lay forth all the possible career options depending upon your interest and skill. Been the decisive factor in many lives, this category of business makes it a very important and one of the best education franchise in India.

  • Other Vocational Courses

Apart from the few vocational courses we have seen, there are many more which are soaring high in success. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is nothing less than a lifeline to those seeking a job in the IT industry. This job demands a certain level of language and professional behaviour which is taught and trained in these training institutes.

Aviation is another profession which needs coaching to carry them well speak fluently and present them graciously in workplace. Banking sector exams need a certain amount of coaching and guidance for crack the exams. These coaching centres train you for several vocational courses including Aviation and Hospitality and Banking and Insurance. The inclusion of many crucial vocational courses by these coaching centres makes it one of the best education franchise in India.

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