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List of Best Business Franchise Opportunities in India


List of Best Business Franchise Opportunities in India

Business is too small a word to describe a world too big. If there is a profession that can ensure a person making a fortune in a fortnight, it is business. Here is a list of best business franchise opportunities in India. Before going to the list, let us understand few more important topics in business.Having mentioned the gigantic outcomes of business in a short time period, it is important to note that it is easily said than done. Pursuing a career as a businessman means laying your own path and not following others. This kind of self relying, self sustaining career needs tons of gut and conviction to begin and endure the journey.

How Franchise has the edge over new Business venture

           Every action has an equal and opposite reaction and so does business too. Along with the mammoth success financially and professionally, come the challenges that one has to embrace in order to reach the final check post. Business can take a person from rags to riches in no time, but it can also go the other way round.

Unlike any other profession or most of the professions for that matter don’t need a monetary capital as much as business does because capital plays a vital role in boosting the business. Where there is money, there is risk. And where there is risk, there is uncertainty. Kick starting a new business from the scratch and making it big is time taking, and unsure of success.

A new business venture involves a lot of money, muscle and mind and many a times, it doesn’t work. The formula has to be undoubtedly perfect for the business to be driven in the right direction and to make it a successful venture. While the chances of making it big are high, the chances of losing it all are also equivalent or even higher.

How to venture into business by not taking high risks? FRANCHISE, to the rescue. Franchise is nothing but allowing a third party (franchisee) to run a person’s business in a certain locality with legal permission from the franchisor. The rules and conditions regarding operations, marketing, sales and administration will be detailed out legally and the two parties, franchisor and franchisee get into a formal agreement accepting to the mutually agreed terms.

Business franchise is an easy way of investing capital in a business that has already proven successful and profitable. Franchises opportunities reduce the chances of loss and increase the possibilities of success to a higher rate. This gives a big thrust to those companies who are aspiring to expand their base of operations, but are short of resources.

The Great Indian Market            

India is one of the most advancing countries in the world in terms of technology, skill and resources. Catering to a country of 120+ crores is not an easy thing, no matter what the field of service is. Business is never a dry profession with a consumer base this big. When it comes to business, the hopes of making it big are both high and low at the same time.

The reason for both extreme results is that the country is predominantly single mindedness. But selecting the right franchise will take one’s business to another league.

According to analytical reports, the Indian franchise industry is currently estimated at $24 billion with an expectation to reach $35 billion by 2020. In the next 5 years, the Indian franchise industry will contribute approximately 4% to India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Let us now look into the

List of best business franchise opportunities in India

Food and Beverage Franchise Business

           Business has been a thing of the past dating back to centuries. Starting from barter system to today’s digital market, business has been the catalyst in the development of the world. Business can be done with any product or service, depending on the time of the year and the condition of the market. There have been many ups and downs in the trade market for all the products.

There are times when textile industry was flourishing and automobile industry was on the low. Every business has its share of profits and losses. But if there is one industry which has never witnessed a dip in its market, its the food and beverages industry. Centuries passed, trends outdated, consumers modernised, yet they have never been done with food. Of course, along with time and influence, the nature of food and its cuisine have changed but the craze for food culture has more often than not, been on a steady rise.

For instance, restaurant chains like KFC, McDonalds and Subway have done fantastic business over the last few decades and have continued to expand their base of operations into more countries by the day. The reason there are successful despite the fact that they are establishing their empire in third world countries is the love for different kinds of food that people in general have. People of this generation prefer to have food ordered from a restaurant after a tiring day of work instead of cooking. It is not just the youngsters but people of all age groups who are in awe of the new delicacies hitting the Indian market every other day.

Sports Accessories Franchise Business

           As discussed above, every decade witnesses the rise of an industry depending upon the trend and needs of the people. The last few years have been the time of Sports industry as waves of people have become conscious of fitness. With increase in industrialisation and reduction of play grounds, youngsters have become less active in sports leading to unhealthy body conditions.

In this time and age, the only place they could get themselves back into shape is the gym. It is not just joining the gym but the shopping spree they indulge in for the accessories, that makes the sports accessories market bloom. Right from sports shoes to hand gloves to smart accessories to keep track of their progress, shopping for gym workouts have become harder than the workouts itself.

Fitness is the new age business attraction, with people of all paths of life engaged in some kind of physical activity, from jogging to swimming to cycling. Numerous international sports brands have set up base in India with hopes of making a fortune with the never-before-seen craze for sports accessories. This humongous success has led to the surge in online shopping of sports accessories.

Fashion Franchise Business

I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet” –Carrie Bradshaw

This quote seems to have gotten the attention of Indian youngsters. Over the past years, many industries have bloomed as well as hit the rock bottom; so has the fashion industry. The only difference between the failures of other industries and fashion industry is that it bounced back like no other industry has ever done. With the gradual and constant increase of the country’s economy and the simultaneous modernisation of the people, fashion industries have become a sweet spot for the people to spend their free time spending.

Malls and international fashion outlets have rushed into India making the foundations strong for a strong future in the fashion business. The Indian market is a golden jackpot for fashion industries, provided they choose the right franchisor and establish their outlet strategically to attract people from all paths of people. With the youngsters of India transforming into a new age country under the influence of the west, the fashion market is on an all time high.

Beauty and Grooming Products Franchise Business

         Passion about beauty and awareness about grooming has become the order of the day. With more and more people being exposed to foreign work cultures and MNCs, they are getting to know about basic grooming etiquettes that are mandatory in a wok place. Grooming was a concept most of the people did not even know existed but lately it has become very common for people to groom themselves properly, be it official meetings or personal meet ups.

As discussed above about the increase in people’s fashion sense, they have also become conscious of how they carry themselves. Beauty products have become a part of any typical family’s shopping cart, regardless of social class and financial background. People have realised how cosmetics can boost a person’s confidence and help him carry himself with poise. The more educated and self confident people got, the bigger the cosmetic industry grew by the day.

Beauty has many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself”. – Kiesza

         The influence this quote has on people is beyond verbal motivation. As Kiesza said, it is the confidence in a person that beautifies him; and a person is confident when he carries himself well, in terms of social adaptability and grooming etiquettes.

Education Franchise Business

Taking the 5th spot on the write up but the top spot on priority is the education industry. One of the most important reasons India is faring so well in the global arena on various fronts is the kind of education and training that they are provided. Skills are found to be in every human but to mould them and channelize them into a certain field is what training does. India offers to the majority of its citizens, fundamental education to a certain extent which has over the years increased the National Literacy Rate of the country.

In an age so fast and smart, mere formal education is not sufficient and demands for a more focussed and personalised coaching, which is catered by training institutes. Various other industries may have fluctuations in their trade operations but training institutes are always constant winners in the business. They are the forerunners in the race of all time profitable businesses.

What sells and what doesn’t depend on the mindset of the people and the current trend of the youngsters. On the contrary, if there is something in store that is always hot and sells the fastest, yet retaining its demand, it is the Education industry and more precisely, Training Institutes.

In a class filled with 40 or more students, the attention and personal focus that a particular student gets is very minimal, which in case of a training institute, is quite the opposite. The parents are convinced and satisfied with the kind of personalised care and guidance and this very reason has persuaded them to facilitate their children with the coaching of a training institute.You can also read our Top 10 list Education Franchise in India here

Education of any form would be null and void if not for skill development and human resource development. Unlike few industries, education industry doesn’t confine itself to a certain age group but caters to people of various educational levels and capabilities, ranging from school students to working class people. The focus of study in training institutes is vast and wide; so is the consumer base.

There it is, Ladies and Gentlemen! We have decoded the secret of the success of business franchise opportunities in India, with regard to time and trend. If you want to know the various franchise opportunities you can visit here