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  • Professionals with 1-3 years of experience in the IT industry
  • Engineers, science degree holders or MBAs with a passion to work in education business
  • Real estate (rented or owned) in a reasonably prominent location where there is a demand for IT training
  • Ability for investment on setting up a training center, on the specifications as laid out by Networkz Systems
  • Day-to-day management and operations of the center
  • Conduct training as per Networkz Systems guidelines
  • Create good student word of mouth by offering good quality training and good placements
  • Generate business through multiple marketing activities in local area.

Networkz Systems will provide a broad overview on the education and training business.¬ This training will cover:

  • Assessing demand for IT education & training within the catchment area covered by the franchise partner
  • Estimates of investment required to set up a centre
  • Administrative aspects to be borne in mind for running a training center

Apart from the orientation, ongoing support from Networkz Systems will include:

  • Sales and marketing support to promote the franchise partner‚Äôs name in the catchment area
  • Recruitment and ongoing training of faculty
  • Systems support by way of network login to access Networkz Systems infrastructure for course material, etc

Training for your faculty members will be provided by Networkz Systems .¬ Faculty training program covers continuous skill development programs conducted from time to time.

Additionally, Networkz Systems believes in signing up additional francisee locations to the same partner based on performance at existing locations.

Franchisees are free to sign-up with a completely different brand provided that:

(a)  The physical location and infrastructure of the additional brand are completely distinct in all respects.


Networkz Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited organization.¬ The quality processes are documented and audited by external consultants on an annual basis for retention of ISO 9001 accreditation.

The ISO 9001 auditing process validates process compliance as laid down in the operations blue book of Networkz Systems .

  • Networkz Systems is a EC-Council Accredited training and testing partner
  • Networkz Systems is a Pearson VUE Authorized Testing Centre

Investment in Networkz Systems franchise partnership will deliver an ROI of not less than 30%

Yes.¬ Annual franchisee fees are part of the franchisee agreement.¬ Details of franchisee fees available with the head of franchisee operations

Royalty fees charged on a per registration basis will apply.¬ Details of franchisee fees available with the head of franchisee operations

Fill an application form along with all required documents

First meeting at Head Office

Visit one centre to gain an understanding of the business

Make the prescribed franchise fee payment

Sign the Franchise Agreement

Franchise partner has to build the centre.¬ Adequate support by way of layout design, interiors will be provided by Networkz Systems .