Networkz Systems IT Security for Networking

IT Security for Networking Curriculum

Uncovering Hidden SSIDs & Bypassing MAC Address Filters

Breaking WPA2 Wireless &Rogue Wireless Access Points

Wireless Mis-Association Attacks &MITM Using Wireless Bridging

DHCP Starvation , CDP Flooding

Vote for BT - as the new STP Root Bridge

Taking over HSRP

DTP and 802.1q Attacks ,ARP Spoofing MITM

Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET)

Ettercap and Xplico, DNS Spoofing

Hydra, Maltego, Burp Suite Scapy Hping3

Custom Password Lists

Hashes and Cracking Passwords, Ophcrack

IT Security for Networking Course duration

120 hrs

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We are conveniently located in several areas around Ernakulam, Kollam, Nagercoil, Neyyattinkara, Thiruvalla and Trivandrum. Are you looking for ARDUINO training in any of the above locations? If yes, please get in touch with us for a great career.

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