Networkz Systems Artificial Intelligence Course

Artificial Intelligence Course Curriculum

Fundamental Languages for AI

Introduction to Artificial intelligence

Introduction to R Language

Data Structures in R

R Graphics

Correlation and Regression

Probability and Statistics

Introduction to Python

Functions and Modules

Object Oriented Programming

Regular Expression

Introduction to Numpy

Advanced Numpy

Scientific Package in python

Data Manipulation

Data Visualization

Data Exploration and Testing

Machine Learning

Introduction to machine learning

Machine Learning Problem Framing

Data Preparation and Feature Engineering in ML


K-nearest Neighbor Classifier

Ensemble Machine Learning Method

Naive Bayes And Support Vector Algorithm


Model Evaluation

Compressing Data

Neural Networks

Introduction to Computer Vision

Introduction to Deep Learning

TensorFlow Basics

TensorFlow Advanced

Artificial Neural Networks

Convolutional Neural Networks

Neural Style Transfer

Recurrent Neural Networks

Generative Adversarial Networks

Auto Encoders

Deep Belief Networks

Reinforcement learning

Artificial Intelligence

Multi-armed bandit

Temporal Difference learning

Monte carlo method

Eligibility traces

Function approximation

Gradient methods

Hierarchical RL

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Natural Language processing

Document analysis

Sentiment analysis

Main project

Artificial Intelligence Course duration

200 hrs

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