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Vacation Computer Training Classes


Do you want to enjoy this summer with gaining knowledge?




Ethical hacking will reveal the flaws of what is being hacked (software, a website, a network, etc.) without actually causing any damage. An ethical hacker will find the flaw and report it to the owner so that it can be fixed as soon as possible.

It is Legal if you use your Hacking Skills for Good Purposes & if you use it for your own/bad purposes then it is not Ethical. So, Ethical Hacking is always Legal

Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) v8 – CEHv8 certification is a brand new ethical hacking course that has launched by EC-council. It is one of the very few organizations world-wide that have attained the prestigious ANSI17024 ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation status. Certified Ethical Hackers are professionals those who are required in an organization to understand weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the target system. CEHv8 Certification holders are always a step ahead of the malicious hacker and are always ready to take preventive steps against any malicious crimes and threats.


CEHv8 Certification Bootcamp provides professionals with the needed knowledge of various techniques, tools and methods that are used to find out the vulnerabilities in the target system. It includes class metrics, advance lab environment, cutting-edge hacking tools and excellent presentation materials. CEHv8 certification displays the credential of a security professional in information security discipline. Additionally, CEHv8 training and certification makes you qualified enough to attempt penetrating networks and computer systems in an organization.



The Oracle Java Programmer certification certifies programmers on skills and knowledge related to the Java Programming language. When you become certified, Oracle verifies that you have a base set of knowledge and skills that enable you to develop software using Java.

The certification is a good benchmark of knowledge and expertise. What better way to show your Java skills that having them validated by the company which develops the Java language itself?

By getting the certification you’re going to improve and update your knowledge of the Java language and it will also be a differentiating element from other programmers who don’t have this credential.

So whether you’re an experienced Java programmer or a beginner or you’re looking for your first job as a programmer, the Java Programmer certification will be positive for your career.



It is good to have development using C, but not always.  In the real world, you will notice that the code written in C++ has some advantages over C. It is a different programming style that helps with larger programs and re-usability. As a career move, it would depend on where you think you are going.  If it is too large programs on 32 and 64 bit CPUs then maybe. One can write in C using the C++ compiler and the mixed C/C++ environment is a beautiful place. It saves time and facilitates the mastery of each; learning by contrast and comparison can be more efficient and enjoyable.



Linux is a version of the UNIX operating system–a multitasking, multiuser operating system originally designed for high-powered mainframes and workstations–for systems generally known as “personal computers.” Linux comes from an independent source code base but behaves exactly like UNIX built on licensed code. In technical terms, Linux reimplements the POSIX specification with SYSV and BSD extensions; in practical terms, Linuxis UNIX.



Smartphone have turned out to be such a crucial part of our lives and are so effectively recognized in our day by day exercises that the business side of the phenomenon is continually developing and has been in blossom for a long time now. A gigantic part of the smartphone business is spoken to the product side of things, to be more particular, apps.


Android offers an extensive variety of alternatives for visual computerization requirements. The visual depiction includes that Android offers are much better than some other mobile app development platform. That is the reason when it’s about Game applications development then Android is considered as the most amazing platform for confronting natural and alluring visual computerization. This Android app development platform gives high inherent help to building the best 2D and 3D graphics which increases more traffic to your site.