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IOT- Internet of Things | Future in your Career


IOT– Internet of Things


IOT is the network of all physical devices, home appliances, automobiles, and other operations related with embedded systems which are connected with software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity; these are fully operated and connected with the embedded systems for the connections and exchanging the data.

Examples of the applications in IOT are.

  • Production, Maintenance, and Services-


  • Smart homes

The internet of things is transforming everyday activities in homes and offices, almost all are connected to wifi. In office, homes, streets, etc. IOT devices are connected to wifi and the device works for the convenience, resource and money savings to control all the environment for the better life.Optimized energy use maintenance.

  • Industrial purposes-

In related to manufacturing and management, the IOT makes the production and applications to support good results. All sensing devices which helps to manufacture controls and workforce management to deliver perfect output.

  • Medical Industries-

Applications like telehealth services, implantations, etc

  • Automotive industries
  • Environmental management.
  • Agriculture
  • Multimedia technology
  • Military applications
  • Mobile surveillance
  • Communications
  • Cloud services
  • Retail for product tracking, Inventory control, focused marketing, etc.iot-networkz-systems


The Internet of Things is relating and connecting with our day to day life in a professional way. By 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices communicating through the Internet. IOT is moving from experiments to Business scales, all the devices developed are connected to help automobile product development. This technology is like to have the definition of the future, the devices which offer new insights, some of the most compelling predictions about the future of IoT. The business in clothing, home services, wearables, mass adoption of smart devices, homes, smart kitchens, etc.

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  • IoT is the future of industries and business sectors- around 30% of tasks and up to 70% occupations could be automated within 2 years. almost every occupation has the potential to understand the artificial intelligence.